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feed your mind with success

feed your mind with success


There is a popular quote around the world at this moment,  The Person you will be in five years is based on books you read  and the people you hang around with today. This is quite true but it applies to everything else as well. The person you will be in future Is Based on everything you do today. The people you hang around with, but more so the people you Listen To,  The Opinion you believe in, the books you read or the video you watch All the information you take in Positive or Negative will affect your future. The workouts you do or don’t do that will show up in the future. The food you eat today will affect your future on a visual and energy level.  The same is true with your Thought & Information  What you Feed your mind will shape your future.

If all you do is take in garbage guess what your future is going to be made of ? Commit to feed your mind with Successful thoughts and surround yourself with those who have the same ambitions as you.  It doesn’t matter where you get your information from, you may read you may get it from podcast or videos it doesn’t matter just make sure you keep Feeding your Mind Every Single day.

Your future self is begging you to Show some Discipline.

Your future self is Begging you to Don’t be like the Rest , Learn more than the rest, Work harder and smarter than the rest.

Your future self is begging you to Do the work now so you can enjoy later.

If you don’t feed your mind with success then it will rot with mediocrity. What you do Every day will dictate your future. What you want out of your life you must put it in. if you want success put it in there, if you want health and fitness put it in, if you want peace and happiness then work for it.

Your Actions will equal your Results.

They Say I can’t, I say I Can.

They Say I won’t, I say I will.

They Say I am not, I say I am.

There is nothing I cannot be, Nothing I cannot do and nothing I cannot have.

In my mind There is no limit I am LIMITLESS.

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